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Lowell Elementary

At Lowell Elementary, we believe in the creativity and uniqueness of every member of our community, whether student, staff, parent or community partner. Combining this creativity and uniqueness with material supports results in a rich stream of resources that allows us to tailor educational programming to the individual needs of our students. We serve students in the Darbo-Worthington and Schenk-Atwood neighborhoods on Madison’s east side.

Welcome to Lowell Elementary

100 years of lion pride!

We are a school-based community that embraces its diversity to assure that all learners will master skills, acquire a lifelong passion for learning, think critically and communicate effectively by respecting themselves and others. We provide a challenging and responsive curriculum with high expectations in a safe and engaging learning environment, while using the richness of all available resources through family, school and community partnerships.

What Makes Lowell Elementary Unique

A community strongly connected to its school and the success of all students.

  • The historically preserved building provides unique original features, including a lunchroom with a fireplace and built-in bookshelves.
  • Engaging community and family events including the Big Top Celebration and Lowell Carnival.


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Contact Lowell Elementary

Lowell Elementary
401 Maple Avenue
Madison WI 53704

Office: (608) 204-6600

Lowell Elementary Alumni

Are you an MMSD Alum? Connect with us and share your story.

We are currently seeking Adopt-a-School Partners


Interested in adopting a school?

Through the Foundation’s Adopt-a-School program, Madison’s public schools are “adopted” by a local business, organization, or government agency, forming mutually enriching partnerships.

“My daughter goes off to school with a huge grin and squealing with excitement. I can’t think of a better testament to the faculty and staff of Lowell, and to the community they’ve built.”

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