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Our teachers. Our heroes.

Our Teacher Support Network was built with one thing in mind: Assisting MMSD teachers with the cost of equipment, resources and supplies their students need but that fall outside traditional school budgets.  

Teacher Support Network

Eliminating $1.5 million in out-of-pocket spending for teachers.

Each year, MMSD teachers spend roughly $1.4 million of their own money on additional learning materials and supplies for their students. From pencils and crayons to winter coats, this initiative gives teachers the freedom to use Foundation funds on what their students need most and when they need it. We’re working to ensure all students have access to quality education and that a lack of supplies and tools isn’t a barrier.

“Every year we have kids coming into school without any supplies at all … a lot of parents just can’t afford them.”

Hawthorne Elementary School Teacher

Success Stories

A Direct Impact on Students’ Daily Lives

Success Story

Winter-coat wonderland.

In late 2021, as families continued to navigate the pandemic, a $20,000 gift allowed us to purchase more than 1,900 winter outerwear items for students in need. From hats and boots to mittens, snow pants and coats, teachers were able to use our online store to order items for students who would otherwise go without. 

Success Story

Play Every Day. Because movement matters for the mind. 

Spurred by a generous donation from Wesley Matthews, a Memorial alum and current NBA star, the Play Every Day initiative is working to provide much-needed physical education and recess equipment for Madison’s public schools. Part of the Teacher Support Network, the initiative is built to encourage students to get active, understanding the significant impact it has on their health and wellness. 

Success Story

All 5K students received books to build reading skills.

Thanks to a gift given in honor of Karen C. Ragatz, at the start of the 2022-23 school year we again distributed16,000 books to all 5K students, helping them improve their literacy at a young age. Karen, a longtime ESL educator at Thoreau Elementary School was committed to helping students strengthen their reading skills.

Sponsors Making a Big Impact 

Because of the support of our sponsors and community members, we have been able to scale the Teacher Support Network program from an idea to 3-school pilot, to a district-wide implemented program in three years. We are thankful for this support and opportunity to expand the offerings available to our schools.

Karen C. Ragatz Teacher Support Endowment Fund

Don Miller Subaru East and West

Pat Schiro

The Evjue Foundation

The Comer Foundation Fund

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