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Partnering with our public schools to change the lives of students.

Our passion is public education. Creating new programs. Advocating for Madison’s public schools. Forging new partnerships. Supporting all students through initiatives and outreach designed with one thing in mind: To give them what they need to succeed.

What We Do

Support. Advocate. Connect. That’s why we exist.

Through programs like Teacher Support Network, we provide our schools and teachers access to resources that make learning easier and enjoyable for students. We advocate on their behalf for more school funding – because quality public education is a right. And we connect our community to schools, through things like our Adopt-a-School program, making it easy for individuals and organizations to get involved and help students.

Give a gift. Empower our students.


Results matter. See our impact.


Million dollars in resources raised for Madison public schools.


Thousand dollars invested in our schools by 69 Adopt-a-School partners in 2023-24.


Value of material resources donated across the district in 2022-23 through our Teacher Support Network


Our teachers. Our heroes.

Through our Teacher Support Network, we provide funds across the Madison Metropolitan School District to purchase everything from scissors to snacks that fuel minds for learning. Our goal: Eliminate the $1.4 million teachers spend out of their own pockets each year. 


Empowering through endowment.

The first of its kind in the U.S., our school-specific endowment funds will provide over $123,500 in the 2023-24 school year for projects schools deem a priority. This pioneering spirit remains a priority as we establish new programs to enhance our students’ learning experience. 


Adopt-a-School. Adopt progress.

Since its inception in 2005, our Adopt-a-School program has forged a deep connection within the community and our public schools. Through volunteering, in-kind donations and financial gifts, our partners have invested thousands of hours and over $6.5 million in support.

Get Involved

Opportunities for Involvement


Your Presence is a Gift

Whether you want to help with an individual program or make a longer-term commitment on our board or a committee, we’d love to hear from you. Your involvement is key to helping our public schools thrive.


Impact a community.

Through mentoring, tutoring, sharing of stories and experiences, and other opportunities, your involvement inspires and teaches our students that education and learning extends beyond traditional classroom learning.


Making change happen for the betterment of public schools in Madison.

All of Madison’s students deserve well-funded schools. Through our advocacy, we’re committed to providing data and resources that promote transparency, meaningful discussion and action that positively impacts our schools, students and families.

“Nancy and I have always believed that a robust public school system is the backbone of our community and adequate resources are always a challenge – particularly in these increasingly fraught times. That is where the private sector has to step up. The Madison Public Schools Foundation is the vehicle designed to do just that, and we couldn’t be more supportive.”

Nancy and Tripp Widder, Schools Make Madison Champion and Legacy Circle Donors


Give a gift that changes students’ lives.

When you donate to our initiatives and programs, you’re making a direct impact on students’ education. Whether that’s providing much-needed supplies and equipment, supporting expanded curriculum, or opening doors to new opportunities, your dollars support our schools, students and community.

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