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MMSD alumni: Connect and give back.

Our most passionate supporters. Advocates for today’s students. As part of the MMSD alumni family, your ongoing involvement with our schools is critical to ensuring future students have access to a high-quality educational experience.

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Reconnect and reengage through the Madison Public Schools Alumni Network. 

Get in touch with old friends. Make new connections with fellow alumni. And learn how you can help today’s students as they continue their journey toward graduation. It’s free and easy to sign up. 

“Fundamentally, education has been my pathway to opportunity. I have a fond place in my heart for Madison public schools.”

Evan Marwell, West High School Class of 1983 

Alumni Stories

Alumni are doing amazing things. See what they’re up to.

  • Not yet 30, East High alum helps lead the way to a better Madison

    Alumni Story

    Not yet 30, East High alum helps lead the way to a better Madison

    At 29, David Aguayo (East High, 2011) has already done many great things – from leading neighborhood cleanups and food drives in elementary school to mobilizing Latino voters in the 2020 presidential election to, most recently, working as part of the Madison-based Latino Consortium for Action to raise $1 million for COVID relief for Latino families. Yet talking to him, it’s easy to believe the best is yet to come.

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  • Breaking Barriers with Booker Botanicals

    Alumni Story

    Breaking Barriers with Booker Botanicals

    From an early age Alex Booker knew the importance of having hands in the soil. Booker’s grandparents were farmers in Mississippi, a skill that turned out to be generational. “I had always been doing indoor plant care and garden maintenance, but this was my first time really getting out there.” says Booker, reflecting on the Read More

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  • Alumni: Daniel Kigeya

    Alumni Story

    Alumni: Daniel Kigeya

    Daniel Kigeya’s graduation from West High School in 1997 was one of the loneliest days of his life.  “I remember walking across the stage and then leaving there and going home and not celebrating,” says Kigeya, (pronounced Key-gay-ya) who returns to West this fall as its new principal.  He did not feel like he belonged Read More

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