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Teacher Support Network

The Teacher Support Network was created to close the gap on the $1.4M teachers spend annually out-of-pocket to provide essential school supplies and classroom learning materials.

Teacher Support Network

On August 23, 2021, we opened our online store to the Madison Metropolitan School District. The program gives each school a budget and the store offers flexibility to make purchases when needed and have them delivered to the school throughout the year. Your gift will help sustain and grow this program.

The online store currently offers:

  • Learning tools such as headphones and whiteboards
  • Science kits & learning games
  • Essential school supplies
  • Art supplies
  • Mental health resources
  • Recess & PE equipment
  • Snacks

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The Teacher Support Network took a hands-on approach to meeting district needs in the 2020-21 school year. We raised money that was used to purchase high-need items, that were then assembled into a variety of student kits.

1,180 art kits were distributed to students.

With the help of hundreds of volunteers, we created 2,500 virtual learning kits in fall 2020.

1,030 Student Reengagement Kits were created for students who remained in virtual learning when schools welcomed students back in late Spring 2021.

100 educator-created wellness kits were given to students enrolled in MMSD’s Intensive Intervention Program.

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