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O’Keeffe Middle School

At O’Keeffe we believe that a quality education is one of the most important things in the lives of the children we serve and the community we serve in. When you walk into our school, expect to feel positivity. Expect to see staff working to provide rigorous learning experiences. Expect to see a school filled with pride.

Welcome to O’Keeffe Middle

Celebrating 78 years of excellence.

We are a school committed to providing all students with access to a quality education. We have a strong history of a commitment to academic excellence, inclusiveness and community engagement. O’Keeffe students are a reflection of the vibrant, diverse, and accepting east side community. Our diverse population of students, families, and community aim to support and include all. As a staff, we are committed to working together as a model for the student collaboration that is facilitated in class. At O’Keeffe we believe that a quality education is one of the most important things in the lives of the children

What Makes O’Keeffe Middle Unique

Developing students with purpose, artistry and a social justice spirit that will change the world around them.

  • Students and staff are active in the community, joining with other groups and organizations to assist students in their transition from childhood to adulthood.
  • Top Chef Experience: award-winning Madison chefs team up with students to create delicious meals.
  • Arts and Words Night featuring student creations.
  • Slam Poetry Club
  • We offer a high-quality curriculum and encourage students to participate in the array of extra-curricular opportunities.


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Contact O’Keeffe Middle

O’Keeffe Middle
510 S Thornton Avenue
Madison WI 53703

Office: (608) 204-6820

O’Keeffe Middle Alumni

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“We are grateful for our SEAs at O’Keeffe Middle School! You are all so talented and dedicated. You are a tremendous asset to our educational team, invaluable to our students, and help the school run smoothly. You are priceless. Thank you!”

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