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Introducing: The Foundation’s Advocacy Committee

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Before we go any further – have you registered to vote?

Use your voice and choice and vote in every election – including November 6th!

The Foundation for Madison’s Public Schools has launched our first-ever Advocacy Committee to serve as a non-partisan resource to inform the community about issues that affect our public schools. We know that when public schools come first, the whole community benefits. This new committee works to sift through budget, social and political issues to shed light on their impact on our schools, and to suggest accessible action steps we can all take as a community to support our schools.

Join us as an advocate right now! Getting started is easy!

  • Follow us! Our Facebook and Twitter feeds will include regular posts on key advocacy issues and action steps.
  • See our Advocacy page for tips on how to stay informed and active. Use the resources on that page to get started.
  • Take action – here are 12 simple steps you can take today to actively support our schools.
  • Get in touch! Please contact us if you have questions or advocacy issues on your mind!

The Foundation regularly convenes the Advocacy Committee as one of several ad-hoc committees under the Board of Directors. The committee takes a close look at legislative and community issues that stand to affect our public schools, staff and families most directly. That means that we – the Foundation – can then keep you informed about key happenings, including

  • Upcoming opportunities to chat with candidates and elected officials
  • State and local legislation or referenda you may see on the ballot on election day
  • Non-partisan information and recommendations to help you support Madison’s public schools with your voice, your volunteerism or your vote.

The more informed we are as a community, the more we can take steps to support our schools in every possible way.The Foundation supports and enhances the education of all 27,000 students in Madison’s 50 public schools primarily through fundraising and community partnerships. With the formation of this committee, we take partnership one step further through a focus on advocacy. Raising awareness of the excellent things occurring in our public schools, as well as the need for additional ongoing public and private support from the community falls squarely in our mission.

What does this mean for you?

We know you want our public schools to succeed as strong communities where all students can thrive. Through simple actions and awareness, we can – as a whole community – ensure that promise for our families and for our future.

Whether you have children enrolled in Madison’s public schools, work in our schools or simply care about our community, advocacy around our schools matters! We believe every child deserves a high quality and equitable education. We know that the future depends upon today’s investment in the educational experience of tomorrow’s leaders — that education is fundamental to a vibrant community and strong local economy. Help us help Schools Make Madison and stay tuned to our advocacy news!


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