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Sennett Middle School Environmental Education Endowment Fund

This fund provides partial scholarships to Sennett Middle School students so they can attend the annual environmental education field trip to the Upham Woods Outdoor Learning Center or a similar environmental education facility.

This fund provides scholarships for Sennett Middle School students to attend Upham Woods. If you’ve been there, you know! If you haven’t been there, know that this is a once in a lifetime experience for Sennett students to experience the outdoors in an educational environment. This camping experience emphasizes academics, community building and relationships, which are key to a child’s development in middle school. While on the trip, the students explore our natural world, learn recreational activities (canoeing, archery, hiking, etc.), and overcome physical and mental challenges (ropes courses, team activities). While academics are stressed, students are also learning life skills to help them reach their full educational potential. Your donations will ensure all Sennett students can afford this experience.

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