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Hawthorne Elementary School Endowment Fund

The income from the school endowment fund provides Hawthorne Elementary School the opportunity for school-based grants to support creative and innovative projects in our school.

For the 2017-18 school year this funded the following projects:

  • Disney in the Schools Musical is an after-school program geared towards students in grades 3 through 5 and runs for 17 weeks in the spring of 2018. Students who participate learn all aspects of putting on a production. This includes participating in drama games and warm-ups; turning a story into a play; and the mechanics of a musical production such as stage direction, musical score, choreography and dance, stage design, rehearsal, and performance.
  • Opera for the Young is a program that adapts famous operas into 45-minute productions for elementary school-aged children. The goal of the organization is to make opera accessible, interesting and participatory for young students.
  • The Hawthorne Girls’ Running Club has been offered to all 4th and 5th-grade girls at Hawthorne for the past six years. Over these six years, the coaches have worked to expand the program and make it more accessible to all students. Through the running club, participating girls are provided with quality running shoes, volunteering opportunities, and the chance to participate in a 5K race that benefits women in the Madison community.
  • Hawthorne teachers schedule several field trips throughout the year for students that support their curriculum. Even though field trip fees have been kept as low as possible (always under $12 per child), Hawthorne families have not been able to afford the cost. In order to continue integrating class field trips into the curriculum, this will help pay for field trip transportation and meeting the school’s SIP goals for Well Rounded Access and Participation.

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