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East High School Endowment Fund

The income from the school endowment fund provides East High School the opportunity for school-based grants to support creative and innovative projects in our school.

For the 2017-18 school year this funded the following projects:

  • In order to operate an effective intervention math class, it is important to provide our students with opportunities that are conducive and respectful of their learning needs. The district has identified the computer program “iReady” as the vehicle for students who qualify for a math intervention at the high school level. For students to achieve improvement in their math abilities they will need to be able to access this program using Chromebooks that we are grossly in need of.
  • Level UP is an intervention provided at East High School that started in April of 2017 to support academic and social success among 9th and 10th grade ESL students. In an effort to work towards equity for all students, Level UP provides these students with peer mentorship, positive adult relationships, academic and social accountability, and a safe space to seek help and support. Level UP also tracks students’ assignment completion and grades to provide credit recovery, communicate with teachers and staff, and add additional supports as needed on an individual basis.

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