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Cherokee Middle School Endowment Fund

The income from the school endowment fund provides Cherokee Middle School the opportunity for school-based grants to support creative and innovative projects in our school.

For the 2017-18 school year this funded the following projects:

  • Coffee Cart is an instructional model designed for special education students with intellectual disabilities at Cherokee Heights Middle School. Through the coffee cart, the students receive hands-on, real-life experience with functional skills that are connected to servicing a food cart. These skills include learning social interactions, speech and language, exploring job roles/responsibilities, bilateral hand skills, hygiene practice, sequencing using math to keep inventory of supplies and simple accounting using real money.
  • Intercambio allows parents from our school to become language learners to practice their target language with native English or native Spanish speakers. Ideally, Intercambio enables students (the parents) to help each other with a new language and get to know people from the same school community. The nurturing of family relationships through the sharing of language will support and increase involvement in schools which will strengthen the learning, growth, and development of all of our children by tightening the bonds between parents.
  • Google has released a new series of the Pixel. It is typically used as a cell phone but has a function that can be extremely helpful in schools. The new headphones that are paired with the pixel have a program that allows for real-time translation. One person hears his or her native language in the headphones and the corresponding person hears his or hers needed language from the phone speakers. Without a language barrier, families can now feel welcome and included when coming to school functions like conferences or parent meetings.
  • The Unity Room at Cherokee Heights will be a space where families, community members, faculty, staff and students can come together in the spirit of engagement to collaborate, create, plan, and implement any number of programs, initiatives, and projects.

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