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Shedding Light on Challenges our Students & Schools Face

Every day, our students and schools are tasked with overcoming issues that shouldn’t exist. Whether it’s teachers buying supplies with their own money or too many students going to school without snacks and proper clothing, persistent – but often unknown – issues demand community attention.

Frequently, these challenges come up in one-on-one conversations but never reach the masses. Let’s change that. Let’s bring attention to not only the issues but solutions. And let’s work together to bring equity to our public schools. 

Creating Equity. Building Opportunity.

Our goal is simple: Give you objective, easy-to-understand information that helps you stay in tune with major issues Madison public schools face, while providing a direct, meaningful way to get involved in a way that drives change TODAY. As an independent, nonprofit organization, we work on behalf of students and teachers, and we’re never beholden to bureaucracy or politics.

Get Involved

Inadequate school funding is failing our future. 

Only 10% of Madison Metropolitan School District’s (MMSD) budget comes from state funding, the other 90% from property taxes. The model is broken and it’s impacting our students – and future workers – as programs are reduced and opportunities cut.

Get Involved

Kids can’t control the barriers they face. But We can help them overcome.

Too many MMSD students face food insecurity, homelessness, transportation challenges and more. We work to minimize these challenges have on a student’s school experience through an array of programs. Read on to see how you can get involved to ensure all students thrive.

Getting involved starts with getting informed.

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