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Calling all West High Alumni and Fans! Let’s talk about a Board of Visitors

As part of our mission to unite and network MMSD Alumni to help our public schools today and tomorrow, the Foundation is asking members of the West High Community – alumni in particular – to brainstorm with us! Please join us Monday, October 28! 

What: Brainstorming Session Madison West High School Board of Visitors – Click here for full invite
When: Monday, October 28, 2019 – 4:00-5:00pm Where: West High School LMC 

An Expression of Pride and Gratitude
We are all so proud to be a part of this great “Regent community!” We are forever indebted to West High School and the unique experience it provides: a wide array of electives, depth of curriculum, phenomenal arts programs, and an inclusive, supportive community, among many other attributes. Each of us traces our own success to the years we spent in the halls and classrooms of West High School. While we treasure our own history with this amazing place, today’s staff and students face different challenges, including dramatic changes in public funding. As committed friends and alumni of West High School, we invite you to join us in ensuring today’s needs are met, allowing all West High students to experience excellence throughout their high school education. For us, excellence, as well as equitable access to resources, are our greatest priorities.

The Time Has Come to Form a Board of Visitors
To be a part of ensuring those needs are met, we invite you participate in a brainstorming session regarding the creation of a Board of Visitors, modeled after the La Follette High School Board of Visitors formed five years ago. That group, which consists primarily of 20-25 alumni, retired staff and booster club representatives, has now raised over $275,000 on behalf of current Lancer scholars and staff. We can do the same for our Regent family!

Click the picture to see the La Follette Board of Visitors in Action, below!

LAF High School Pool

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