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Alumni: Scott Swanson

Scott with his wife, MacKenzie, at the Ingold Family Foundation Event

Sustaining the Family Impact at La Follette

Scott Swanson’s deep connection to the Madison Metropolitan School District (MMSD) reflects his family’s long-standing history with the district. Growing up on the far east side of Madison, Scott attended Kennedy Elementary, Whitehorse Middle, and La Follette High School, graduating in 2002. His journey through MMSD was profoundly influenced by his parents, Paul and Ruth, both of whom were esteemed teachers and Athletic Directors at La Follette.

Scott’s high school years were marked by his active participation in sports, playing football, basketball, and tennis. One of his most cherished memories is winning the 2002 State Basketball Championships, a victory made sweeter by the unwavering support of the La Follette community. Scott’s experiences with dedicated coaches and teachers, including Superintendent Joe Gothard, who was his head football coach in 2000 and 2001, left a lasting impression on him.

Continuing his family’s legacy, Scott pursued higher education at UW-La Crosse, graduating in 2007 with a major in Physical Education and a minor in Adapted Physical Education. His athletic career also flourished as he played four years of football and three years of tennis. He later earned a Master’s in Athletic Administration from UW-Whitewater in May 2020.

Coming full circle, Scott returned to his alma mater, La Follette, to coach and serve as Athletic Director, which has been a source of immense pride for him. His eight-year tenure as head football coach saw his teams qualify for the WIAA playoffs every season. Reflecting on this accomplishment, Scott shared: “I always love having former players come back a few years later who share what their experience of being a Lancer meant to them with our current athletes. That is always a highlight and proud moment for me.”

In his role as Athletic Director, Scott is dedicated to ensuring that coaches have the resources they need to provide exceptional experiences for La Follette’s student-athletes. He embraces the daily challenges of managing the Athletic Department while focusing on creating meaningful and successful experiences across 27 sports programs.

Scott’s family has played a significant role in shaping his commitment to MMSD. His father, Paul, is inducted into the Madison Sports Hall of Fame for his contributions as an Athletic Director and WIAA tournament host. His mother, Ruth, was a beloved teacher and Athletic Director at La Follette. Scott’s wife, MacKenzie, continues the family tradition by serving as the Academic & Career Plan Coordinator at La Follette. His daughters, Dynie and Della, currently attend Kennedy Elementary, ensuring that the family legacy in MMSD continues. Additionally, Mansfield Stadium at Memorial High School is named after Scott’s grandfather, Arthur “Dynie” Mansfield, who was a longtime baseball coach at UW and a dedicated school board member.

Scott’s commitment to La Follette and MMSD is not just professional but deeply personal. His efforts are a living homage to his family’s contributions to the district, ensuring that the values and traditions they established continue to inspire and benefit future generations.

Madison’s public schools are proud to count Scott Swanson among their alumni!

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