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Alumni: Paige Decent

Madison Memorial class of 2013 alumna Paige Decent grew up on the west side of Madison, attending Huegel and Akira Toki for elementary and middle school, respectively. Her early education within the Madison Metropolitan School District (MMSD) laid a strong foundation for her academic and personal growth, setting her on a path toward future success.

From a young age, Paige benefited from the dedicated guidance of her tutor, Ms. Fahl, who was allowed by MMSD to come into the school and tutor various kids. Starting in the third grade, Ms. Fahl was a constant presence in Paige’s academic life, providing weekly tutoring sessions that extended all the way through high school. The relationship they built was not just about academic improvement; it was also about personal growth and life lessons. Paige credits Ms. Fahl with helping her gain confidence and shaping her into the person she is today. Their bond remains strong, and Paige continues to see Ms. Fahl often, valuing the profound impact she had on her life.

After high school, Paige pursued higher education at the University of Wisconsin – Oshkosh. She found that her time in the diverse and dynamic environment of MMSD had prepared her well for college life. She was comfortable in large class settings and adept at interacting with people from various backgrounds, which helped her adjust smoothly to her new surroundings and succeed academically. Paige graduated in 2017 with a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice and a minor in social justice, emphasizing prejudice and discrimination.

Paige’s professional journey is marked by her dedication to her community and her determination to give back to the place that shaped her. Her proudest accomplishment came when she graduated from the police academy and became a police officer. Despite facing numerous challenges and moments of self-doubt, Paige’s love for the Madison community and her passion for service kept her motivated. Today, she is the Recruiting Officer for the Madison Police Department (MPD), where she has worked for six years.

In her role, Paige has worn many hats, including background investigator, mental health liaison, domestic liaison, certified instructor for the academy, and professional development trainer in various skills. She has also served as an Emergency Vehicle Operator Course instructor, vehicle contacts instructor, field training officer, and mentor chair member. Her diverse roles within the MPD reflect her commitment to professional excellence and community service.

Paige’s connection to Madison runs deep. She cherishes the strong ties she has with her hometown and is proud to contribute to its well-being. Whether enjoying a visit to the Dane County Farmer’s Market or indulging in some Chocolate Shoppe ice cream, Paige loves everything Madison has to offer.

Madison’s public schools are proud to count Paige Decent among their alumni!

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