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Alumni: Anne Marie Malecha

Counseling a Wide Range of Fortune 500 Companies

La Follette High School (LHS) class of 2005 alumna Anne Marie (Annie) Malecha is the Chief Executive Officer of a Washington, DC-based Management Consulting Firm, called Dezenhall Resources, which focuses on Crisis Management, Public Affairs, and Litigation Communication. She co-directs the firm’s client services and specializes in litigation communication, complex crisis management, advocacy strategy, and reputation management. She’s counseled a wide range of Fortune 500 companies, trade associations, and national non-profit organizations in the U.S. and internationally in the defense, food and agriculture, consumer products, legal, healthcare, biotechnology, energy, financial services, technology, education, and retail sectors. Anne Marie also leads Dezenhall’s executive advisory and media training teams.

Before joining Dezenhall Resources, Anne Marie started her career in the public sector as a communications and legislative professional on Capitol Hill. She served as communications director and on-the-record spokesman for Congressman Robert Aderholt during his chairmanships of the House Appropriations Homeland Security and Agriculture Subcommittees. During her tenure in government, Anne Marie also served in the congressional offices of representatives from Minnesota and Texas.

Anne Marie received a bachelor’s degree in international business, political science, and strategic communications from the University of Minnesota (UNM) and likes to say that she is “really living her majors.” She credits much of her success to her experiences at both LHS and UNM commenting: “My academic experience was critical in getting me to where I am now. Thanks to LHS, I am a lifelong learner and my high school education prepared me extremely well for the academic rigor of college and the complexity of the business world.”

Anne Marie currently lives in Washington, DC with her pups, Layla and Lennox, but still holds an unending love for all things Sconnie – particularly lake life, cheese, and the one and only Green Bay Packers. She is deeply committed to mentorship and education, actively contributing to the growth and development of future leaders. She serves on the Board of Visitors of La Follette High School and the Board of Directors of Madison Public Schools Foundation, dedicating her time and expertise to shaping the educational landscape of her hometown.

Madison’s public schools are proud to count Anne Marie among their alumni!

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