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Now or Never

Written by Troy Thiel, CEO of Thiel Team, Real Estate and Consulting, First Weber Realty

Volunteering with Act Now Wisconsin has given me a new perspective into the challenges faced by schools. Much like private industries, public schools are seeing tough workforce challenges. Yet it is their challenges that will inevitably become mine. 

The 830,000 public school students in Wisconsin will become our workforce very quickly. Investments made today will determine the long-term well-being of the state-not just for those students, but for businesses that rely on their labor. It is our responsibility as leaders and taxpayers to ensure youth are provided with excellent education that will enable success in any industry.  

It is also our concern that Wisconsin is an appealing place for young workers and families. This hasn’t been the case for the last decade as more and more people leave the state. In real estate, we know good schools are one of the biggest reasons people put down roots. Without sustainable funding, Wisconsin school districts lack the means to pay their staff cost-of-living adjustments without incurring a deficit. While federal dollars have been a lifeline during the pandemic, one-time disbursements should be saved for one-time costs. 

I encourage my business peers to learn more about Act Now Wisconsin and, wherever possible, step-up for your schools and your state. 

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