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Sennett Outdoor Experience Fund

Supports programs and projects that enhance Sennett Middle School, including an initial focus on the Sennett Outdoor Experience.

Sennett Middle School – Outdoor Experience Space

Sennett’s new Outdoor Experience Space will be a model for inclusively engaging middle school students of all genders, abilities, and backgrounds who often do not have a voice in creating their environment. Student voice has been critical in designing this space through focus groups and they will be actively involved in creating aspects of the space as part of their school programming. In addition to being recreational, this space will serve as a setting to encourage and connect both students and staff to critical social emotional learning skills and strategies through the integration of The Zones of Regulation (Kuypers, 2011) framework and curriculum. The Zones provides a common language and framework to support positive mental health and social/emotional skill development for all students, while serving as an inclusion strategy for neurodiverse students, those who have experienced trauma, or have specific needs in terms of social, emotional, and behavioral development.

In short, The Sennett Outdoor Space seeks to uplift the voices and needs of all students, while connecting them with social emotional learning opportunities in order for them to feel supported, connected, and engaged in their school environment. We have a design that incorporates gardening, interactive games, outdoor classroom spaces, art, pathways, a play structure and more.

Your donation will help our Outdoor Experience space become a reality.

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