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Metro Shelter School

The Metro Shelter School serves youth in the juvenile justice system. Their student-centered education and programming focuses on developing better life success tools and instilling greater confidence in all who come into their care.

Many students arrive at Metro Shelter with their possessions in plastic or garbage bags. We want to change how they walk back out the door. We have a goal to raise $7,500 which will cover one year’s cost of outfitting students with durable duffel bags, suitcase, backpacks, and toiletry kits for the next steps on their journey.

A gift of $50 will supply a duffel bag and some toiletries, a gift of $250 fully outfits a student. A donation of any amount is helping empower students with the gifts of dignity, humanity, control, organization, and preparedness.

“The last time I left Shelter Home, I walked around with my stuff in garbage bags, and it made me feel super uncomfortable.  If I had a suitcase or a nice bag, I would have felt a lot more confident and actually had some hope that things might get better.”

– Student (17 years old)

“Shelter School students navigate many uncertainties; providing proper luggage for their personal belongings is one worry we’d like to take off their shoulders. Our children should never transition from our care with their personal belongings in a garbage bag.”

Britt Falbo, MMSD Shelter School Teacher

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