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A Campaign for Madison Memorial High School – Performing Arts Center

This campaign will create modern and spacious facilities for the performing arts at Madison Memorial that will enable vigorous new programming and increase equitable participation in the learning and creation of music and theater. The current facilities, unchanged since 1965, are outdated, cramped, dark, and insufficient for today’s students and today’s instruction.

New interests and new technologies, as well as top-quality arts production, need updated and visionary spaces: a large, welcoming performance hall with supporting scene shop, dressing rooms, lobby, backstage areas and sound/lighting areas; a state-of-the-art 30-station digital creation lab for music production and recording, connected to classrooms, practice rooms and stages; expanded learning spaces with ample storage, practice rooms and equipment for learning in band, choir, orchestra, and in additional courses in theater, hip-hop, theory & composition, jazz ensemble, guitar and student-led ensembles.

If you’re interested in mailing a check in support of the Madison Memorial Campaign, you can find address and a donation form here.  

Alumni, friends and community members are vital mentors and advocates, forging a bright future and forever altering the potential of the private-public partnership to provide a margin of excellence to our schools. Give your donation more impact using your company’s matching gift program! Thank you for you supporting the arts, Memorial and the Madison community.

“Painter Henri Matisse said, ‘Creativity takes courage.’ My hope for the students of Memorial is that they will be breathtakingly courageous in their new performing arts space.”

Deirdre Brenner, JMM Class of 1987, Writer/Producer, The Walt Disney Company, Nickelodeon, Universal Animation Studios

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